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Find My Tribe

Find My Tribe is a paid Meetup community of interest-based tribes owned by MindfulBasics.com. Tribes are created and hosted by qualified Find My Tribe members.

As a member of Find My Tribe, you can connect and have fun with others that value activities and interests you value while sharing with the whole community in a mission to love others unconditionally as a fundamental approach to life.

MISSION: Connect a Community Focused on Unconditional Love.

There are TWO Requirements to Join:

1.  You have a sincere desire to love others as described in the christian Bible in 1 Corinthians 13.

2. You are willing to work on growing your understanding and expression of unconditional love towards yourself and others.

We are NOT a christian-based community; however, we use the christian definition of love to guide the vision, mission, and focus of this community and all the tribes in it.

All people ages 18 and over, of all religions, races, disabilities (condition applies), and sexual orientations are welcome so long as you meet the two requirements to join and you are mentally capable of being responsible for yourself. Condition: If a disability causes one to be incapable of self-responsibility, this is not the right community for that person.

We share a vision to create a heart-centered and authentic community full of interest-based tribes where members share a fundamental mission to love others as described in 1 Corinthians 13.

Qualified members can create tribe meetups to engage in an activity of interest, like weekly board games, knitting lessons, the shooting range, or to go have drinks with other humans that value connection, unity, and unconditional love for others. Members decide what is fun!

Tribes focus on different interests and activities, and all tribes are connected by the fundamental mission to love others unconditionally.

Love is healing. A person's body, emotional health, heart, mind, and spiritural health are all lacking without unconditional love.

  • JUDGE-FREE ZONE: We invite you to judge ideas, content, and knowledge, and to please never judge the person. Judging people is counterproductive to making authentic connections and sharing unconditional love.
  • Find My Tribe strives to be a space where people do not feel judged and can love, connect, have fun, and grow together.

-Ginger, Founder

What is an iStory?

All Find My Tribe members can join and follow iStories. 

You must be a Find My Tribe member to join an iStory.

An iStory is a paid tribe that follows the authentic documentary-style story of an iStory author's journey of change in (near) real-time.

If you join a person's iStory, you see much of what that person goes through to make true changes in their life. Each iStory is different and authentic to the iStory author and costs a small monthly fee to join. Some of the money made from iStories will go to the iStory author, if they do not give up and eventually reach their change goal (conditions apply)

A person's iStory can be about anything they want to change in their life, from weight loss to habit changes to worldview paradigm shifts, and more. The person decides what they want to change (conditions apply) and MindfulBasics.com and Find My Tribe both help them create their iStory and reach their goals.

iStory members share in the iStory author's journey and struggle as they experience walking through the messy process of change.

To support an iStory author and follow their transformational journey, purchase their iStory.

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As a MindfulBasics Member, you gain FREE Access to the MindfulBasics.com sponsored community, Find My Tribe, and all the official Basics Academy Tribes for the price of your MindfulBasics Membership.

This could mean significant savings for you if you are interested in joining all we have to offer.

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VISION of MindfulBasics.com

A World of Unconditional Love.

MISSION of Find My Tribe

Connect a Community Focused on Unconditional Love.

See you on the inside!

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