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VISION: A World of Unconditional Love

We have a vision to create heart-centered and authentic virtual and local wellness communities with a mission to love.

When we think of how to best serve the members of our Tribes, we envision a community of virtual and local groups of members that want to have authentic connections with themselves and each other and have fun and grow together socially, emotionally, and in health and business.

  • JUDGE-FREE ZONE:  We invite you to judge ideas, content, and knowledge, and to please not judge the person. Judging people is counterproductive to making authentic connections. We are all learning and growing. We are all equal, even when we may have more knowledge about one subject over another. We can not absolutely know what is best for another human being. Speak in terms of "I feel, I think" statements and never in "you should" statements. We strive to be a place where people can connect and grow together in business and health.


We have a mission to hold a heart-centered space for you that supports the love inside you.  We want your TRIBE to be an authentic place where you feel free to love all of you.  Love is healing, and complete wellness of the body, soul, mind, and spirit are lacking without love.


We strive to keep a community environment where you feel safe from self-judgment.  We want you to bring your authentic self to the community.  This is real life.  Being authentic and putting yourself out there can be scary.  There are NO guarantees in life.  For example, rejection, embarrassment, and plain old meanness in others can knock us down and cause us to feel hurt and close up our hearts and stop trying.  You can choose to stand up and open up anyway...  Don't give up!  

We all have vices and struggles that keep us from connecting closer with ourselves and others.  When we learn to dig deeper into what keeps us disconnected from ourselves and others, and how to love ourselves fully, we may discover that authentic connection and love are exactly what we have been missing in our hearts and in your business.


A heart-centered connection is not complete without taking time to have fun! We want you to have fun around your own personal interests.  When you have an interest, it is likely someone else in the group shares the same interest.  Make your interests known and reach out and connect with others that have something in common with you, or brave it and reach out to people that are different than you, with different interests,  and learn something new.  Have fun!

See you on the inside!

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